Peter Anthony Rollings


PAR ART Photography

Shimmering Sands
Awarding body: ViewBug & Photcrowd
  • Winner in Sunsets - dawns - landscape Photo Challenge

  • Winner in Landscapes #174 Contest


Welcome Home
Awarding body: Photcrowd
  • 1st in 'Vintage Aircraft in Flight (Black & White)' - 219 entries

Talacre Sunrise
Awarding body: Photcrowd
  • 2nd in 'On the beach - no people' - 1722 entries

Golden Fields
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Winner in Golden fields Photo Challenge

Cottam - Pots
Awarding body: Photcrowd
  • 2nd in 'Power Stations' - 339 entries

Awarding body: Photocrowd, Blank Wall Gallery
  • Winner in Animals #170

  • Selected for the May 2018 exhibition in Athens

  • 13th 'A Mothers Love' Competition - 814 entries

19th Hole
Awarding body: ViewBug & Photocrowd
  • Winner in Colourful Infrared Shots Photo Challenge

  • 2nd (Judge) & 8th (Crowd) in 'Infrared' Competition - 247 entries

Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Winner in Adult Sheep Photo Challenge

Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Winner in Animals on the farm Photo Challenge

Ghost in the Glass
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Winner in Cameras Cameras Cameras!!! Photo Challenge

Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Runner Up in 800 Horses Photo Contest

  • Won Contest Finalist in 800 Horses Photo Contest

  • Won Featured

Freiston Pony
Awarding body: ViewBug & Pixoto
  • Won Contest Finalist in The Brown Color Photo Contest

  • Won Horses a la naturale challenge

Field Recovery
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Contest Finalist in Trucks Photo Contest

Golden Horizon
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Contest Finalist in The Horizon And Compositions Photo Contest

  • Won Peer Choice Award

  • Won Featured

Amongst the Rape
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Featured

The Race
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Contest Finalist in Monochrome Creative Compositions Photo Contest

  • Won Featured

Nature Reclaims
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won People's Choice in When the Nature retakes a urban space Photo Challenge

Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Member Selection Award

Sun & Stalks
Awarding body: ViewBug
  • Won Staff Winter Selection 2015

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